This is my first post. What shall I write about? Well, I’m really excited about my book, Ask Her Out! It is hopefully going to be published THIS summer!

And way more exciting than that, for me, is my trip to Australia coming up in just 10 days to meet my girlfriends family!!

My posts are going to range in topics that have to do with manhood, with facing disappointments, living with hope, asking girls out on dates and that whole enchilada, honor, worship, lust, and more. So, you will just get to enjoy a vastness of variety. Some posts will be personal experiences, some with my viewpoints, and others a combo with extra cheese.

First of all, WELCOME! I’m excited that you are reading this post! I’m excited for this journey of life and becoming a better man, together and going after it!

The thing I want to talk about for my first post is masturbation. Just kidding.

I thought I would start off with a conversation. Answer any or all of these questions and we can go from there.

How is your summer going? Any adventures planned? Are you disappointed that you are single or quite content? Why are you content if you are? What sort of things would you like to do with a girlfriend, if you had one and you have been together for one month?

What is that girl or several girls that you are interested in, actually interested in? (no need to tell me). What are some ways you can get to know her better as friends? Do you have any friends in common? If you do have a friend and you asked her out to coffee, a walk or what ever you like to do for a first date, would you be able to respect her and still hang out as friends if she declined and said “I’d like to just be friends” or “no thank you”. Are you willing to ask that girl out, and make it known that you are interested in her? Are you willing to experience some awkwardness (does not always exist) during your first date together and focus on how cool she is and how you enjoy your friendship, knowing that this awkwardness will not be there for long?

I made the decision to ask my friend Melissa to a concert, about 8 months ago. I knew I wanted to go to this dinner benefit concert for Burn 24/7. And I knew I wanted to take a nice girl friend of mine with me. I thought of who I would want to take. Someone that I enjoyed and felt comfortable around. I thought of Melissa. I went over to her house because I didn’t have her phone number and didn’t want to ask her over Facebook messenger. I just showed up unannounced and asked her in front of her housemates if she wanted to go to a concert with me. She said “sure!”.

We had good conversation during the evening, but it was awkward at times. I knew I respected her a lot and that we had a good time as friends so I focused on that and let her be her and me be me. I knew that I wanted to press through this bit of awkwardness because I wanted to spend time with her and get closer.

Guess what? It didn’t ruin our friendship.

Stay tuned for what happened next!