Just keep honoring

Honor is defined as a privilege; it means to have high respect and to esteem someone or something. We say, “It is an honor to be with you,” or “It is an honor to serve you.” At work I try to honor every customer who walks in the door and every person I speak with on...

Right Here, Right Now

Hey guys! Here is a blog post I wrote for www.ondaysix.com ! http://ondaysix.com/blog/2019/01/17/right-here-right-now-a-challenge-for-guys/?fbclid=IwAR3PBH1j3ygkegn0GJR5MkInzjEa4JcdrLcvioSCK6fLKeIbWPj3Ore6ytk Have an awesome rest of your weekend! Judd

Skipping ahead

My book is published now on Amazon.com! I'm going to let you read the rest of my story of dating Melissa, that is in my book, instead of completing the story in a blog. Check it out!

Melissa and me part 2

Happy Hot Hot Summer! I just returned from amazing Australia this past Friday night... And....I am now engaged to Melissa!! I asked her Dad permission the first day I was there, as he was showing me his property and work shed. Later that day after lunch, Melissa and I...

First Post

Hello! This is my first post. What shall I write about? Well, I'm really excited about my book, Ask Her Out! It is hopefully going to be published THIS summer! And way more exciting than that, for me, is my trip to Australia coming up in just 10 days to meet my...